"Get ready to discover the Fouta, the Turkish-style fringed towel with infinite uses..."

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Buy now your Hammam towel Cool-Fouta Ibiza online, the most fashionable artisanal pareo. Take this turkish fringed style towel anywhere you go. We offer the latest trend in high quality handmade Foutas 100% cotton.

Do you want to know more about What is a Fouta?

Move with style on the beach, pool, sauna, picnic, travel and decorate your home with the colors that best suit to you. Cool-Fouta sends you the essence of the Mediterranean in the form of a Fouta from Ibiza to the whole world!

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Adrien Crasnault Photoshoot for Cool-Fouta | Making of Video at Cala Salada - Ibiza from Cool-Fouta on Vimeo.

  • The classic honeycomb weaving Fouta, Island Paradise stripes at both fringes sides on a Neutral Gray body. Grey is neutral, calm, quiet, one of the feng shui colors representing the metal element. Use in the skills/knowledge, creativity/children and helpful people/travel areas of the bagua. Grey is best used as an accessory color.

  • The classic honeycomb weaving Fouta, Raw cotton stripes at both fringes sides on a Tiffany's Sal de Ibiza body. Our Tiffany's Blue proposal is neither blue nor alice blue nor turquoise. It is an aquamarine with a touch of light mint. A mixture between the most successful color in our beloved island Sal de Ibiza and the original color registered by Tiffany's.

  • KIDZ FOUTA Hammam Fouta towel in traditional honeycomb weaving, medium size 150  cm. long by 75 cm. wide.

  • The classic honeycomb weaving Fouta, Grenadine Red stripes at both fringes sides on a Pink Yarrow Fuchsia body. "Tropical and festive, Pantone Pink Yarrow is a whimsical, unignorable hue that tempts and tantalizes."

  • MINI Hammam Fouta towel in traditional honeycomb weaving, mini size 69 cm. long by 56 cm. wide. 2 models available: Solid color in Pink, Emerald Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Black and Raw Cotton Solid color with stripes on the sides, in Beige with white stripes, Greenish Gray, Blue, Blue Jeans, Fucsia on Raw, Brown and Black

  • The classic honeycomb weaving Fouta, Raw cotton stripes at both fringes sides on a Chocolate body. Brown tones provide a sense of stability and remove insecurity. They give us realism because it brings us closer to the cycles of life, to the earth, to nature, to the seasons of the year, to the months, to the years ... To meditate with this color is our...

  • The classic honeycomb weaving Fouta, Neutral Gray stripes at both fringes sides on a Island Paradise Blue body. What else we can say about this color apart than we love it, the color of our magic island of Ibiza has nothing to envy the tropical seas, feel the refreshing embrace of this soft turquoise blue with very light greenish tones.

  • The classic honeycomb weaving Fouta, Golden Lurex stripes at both fringes sides on a Gray Monument body. Our version of the Pantone Gray Monument tone is a dark gray stone super stylish and very elegant that blends wonderfully with everything!

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What is a Fouta?

The Fouta is the perfect towel. Both at the sauna, or as travelling pareo; very handy for the pool and very resistant for the beach; also as a home and garden decoration fabric, as tablecloths or sofacovers, picnic, quilts, etc ... Discover by yourself its many utilities.

100% COTTON Handmade in Tunisia

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