FAQS about Fouta hammam towels

Sizing details

The standard size for our artisanal Hammam Fouta towels is 2x1m. (78,74x39,37 inches). We also have other sizes available only upon request: doubles 2,50x1,60m., triples 3x2m., kids 1,50x0,75m. and mini 0,60x0,40m. Please feel free to contact me at any time for further details.

Care instructions

Care of your Fouta is very easy, it's like any other cotton fabric, it is machine washable gaining smoothness in every washing and the color does not fade.

We recommend that you do the first washing in machine separately in a cold water delicate program. Like any other cotton towel, wash your Fouta before you use it. First of all, to remove any traces of the artisanal production process. Second, with that first washing the cotton yarn becomes more absorbent.

After that, use the washing machine regular cotton program in 30°. In order to remove any stain, you can rub it with bar soap or traditional green soap or Marseille soap, and raise the temperature to 40° for a stronger washing in the machine. In any case, we strongly recommend to get back to the 30º after that.

For the drying better line drying, but do not leave them exposed to sun unnecessarily, if there is not so much moisture in the air you will see how your Foutas will dry very quickly. Colors can be damaged after long exposure to direct sun as any other fabric. They can be low iron if you like to use them as tablecloths, but if you use them as towel, you will see that they do not need ironing.

We ask you only three things: Do not use bleach, do not tumble dry and do not dry wash them.

If you have any questions or problems during the washing, please contact us and we will help you.

Also have a look to a washing trick at our blog coolfouta.wordpress.com

What is the difference between the honeycomb and the plain weaving fabrics?

The honeycomb Fouta is the Tunisian hammam towel original fabric. It is more delicate, so you have to pay a little bit more attention when you use it and while you wash it. On the other hand, this type of weaving is much more tasteful, soft and delicate, becoming a delight in contact with your skin, that is why they are used more like towel or blanket. The more you use it, the more you like it. 

The plain weaving Fouta is a more resistant version for the hammam towel. It is more like a thin jeans, it can be used for more things, such as pareo sarong towel, home decor, tablecloth or to protect you when you sit on rocks in the mountains or on the beach.

How can I use my artisanal hammam fouta towel?

Classic model Foutas in plain weaving success is due to the fact of durability at the beach or used as traveling towels, also how versatile they become at home as a cover for a sofa-chair-armchair-sunbed or as a fabric for decoration or tablecloth.

Honeycomb weaving Foutas are perfect for the beach, pool, sauna, at your bathroom, or as a yoga blanket, for your sofa or armchair. It is a real pleasure to feel the honeycomb weaving on your skin when you get out of the sea/shower, the same when you are sitting at your desk.