What is a Fouta and how to use a Hammam Towel?

If you wonder why everybody is using now a fringed towel at the beach, you probably do not know the Fouta towel yet. Cool-Fouta is authentic hammam towel coming from Tunisia, the Ibiza towel company pioneer.

The Fouta (or Futa, Futah or Turkish towel) is a traditional Tunisian cloth originally designed to dry and cover our bodies at the Hammam or Turkish bath. It takes very little space, it dries very quickly and it gains smoothness after every wash. It is a very fashionable fabric that can be used both indoor and outdoor, as pareo or beach towel, over sunbeds or deck chairs, at the swimming-pool, sauna, garden, picnic or as a sofacover, quilt, curtain, tablecloth, etc... 

Use them as you like, our foutas are very resistant, they are made in 100% natural cotton hand-finished by Tunisian artisans. They are machine washable and and their colours do not fade.

Foutas will quickly seduce you with their fringes, originality, colors, lightness and multiple uses. Enjoy our Cool-Foutas!

Cool-Fouta artisanal handmade hammam towelsCool Fouta Hammam Towels Beach Pareo

There are 2 main types of weavings in Foutas,

The honeycomb Fouta is the Tunisian hammam towel original fabric. It is more delicate, so you have to pay a little bit more attention when you use it and while you wash it. On the other hand, this type of weaving is much more tasteful, soft and delicate, becoming a delight in contact with your skin, that is why they are used more like towel or blanket. The more you use it, the more you like it. Have a look to our:

 Honeycomb Fouta Collection

The plain weaving Fouta is a more resistant version for the hammam towel. It is more like a thin jeans, it can be used for more things, such as pareo sarong towel, home decor, tablecloth or to protect you when you sit on rocks in the mountains or on the beach. Here you have our:

 Plain Weaving Fouta Collection

Size: the standard single size is 2x1 m., but also there are doubles 2,50x1,60 and small ones coming soon to the shop...

Care instructions: click to this page to know more about How to wash your Fouta hammam towel?

Cool-Fouta hammam towels by Baraka hammam Cool-Fouta Hammam towels by Baraka Hammam

Fantasy Hammam Fouta by Cool-Fouta Ibiza Hammam Beach Fouta by Cool-Fouta Ibiza

Cool-Fouta hammam towel for home decoration

Cool-Fouta hammam towel as tablecloth

Hammam Fouta Towel for Home Decoration in Ibiza with Cool-Fouta by Tiziana