About us

Cool-Fouta, Ibiza towel company pioneer, brings you authentic artisanal hammam towels handmade in Tunisia.

Cool-Fouta is a new chic concept of savoring every intimate moment along with beautiful colored stylish mediterranean artisanal fabrics...

Sooner or later a fringed cloth called "Fouta" appears in your life and nothing will never be the same. Foutas, ever faithful traveling companions, decorate your house, dry your skin, embrace you, gather the family, wrap up your baby and share your best meals. They make you relax, inspire you calm under palm trees, they are witnesses of your most romantic moments and passionate nights, during summer you go nowhere without yours, Cool-Fouta is a whole lifestyle... 

The origins of Cool-Fouta

It all started back in 2011 when a young cooperant, after working for several years on projects of International Cooperation for Development in Tunisia, loses his job as a result of the political process known as "La Revolution du Jasmin" and decides to undertake this venture along with local artisans.

Through the relationship with the Tunisian people, it is generated a great passion for craftsmanship and the quality value that the Tunisian Fouta has compared to other fabrics also coming from North Africa or similar hammam towels made in Turkey, India or Egypt. That's how was born the dream of creating a brand only for Tunisian hammam artisanal towels Foutas full of new colors, promoting fair working conditions, providing employment opportunities to unemployed young mothers in rural areas in Tunisia, supplying Europe with a craft that is still part of our Mediterranean roots and culture, providing us with welfare and a great joy to our daily lives.

From Cool-Fouta we want to contribute with color, joy, fresh air and flexibility to ecommerce; we offer to our customers the best quality Tunisian Artisanal Hamman Towels. A product "must have" for all ages anywhere in the world, not only here in our beloved magical island of Ibiza. Now we can send you the essence and inspiration of the Mediterranean as a Cool-Fouta for you to enjoy wherever you are...



¿Todavía no conoces las foutas? Pues este verano definitivamente necesitas una para ir a la playa. Son cómodas, elaboradas en algodón 100%, ocupan poco espacio y vienen con estampados muy trendy. Nos hemos enamorado de los diseños de Cool-Fouta...

IBIZA TRENDY Alerta trendy: Foutas www.ibizatrendy.com

Imprescindibles de Playa: Prendas y complementos que no debes olvidar en tus vacaciones. Cool Fouta, olvida toalla y pareo y pásate a la fiebre del Fouta, porque te servirá para eso y mucho más. Es de Cool Fouta.


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